moran024RGail Moran is a labor arbitrator and mediator based out of Chicago, Illinois with offices in Atlanta, GA.  She serves on the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, American Arbitration Association,  National Mediation Board,  Illinois Education Labor Relations Board, Illinois Labor Relations Board, and State Universities Civil Service System rosters of labor arbitrators.   She also serves on the panel of SIU School of Medicine and AFSCME Council 31, AFSCME Local 30.  Gail received certification in facilitated mediation from the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago.

Gail holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Labor Studies from the University of Toledo, and a Masters in Labor and Industrial Relations (MLIR) from Michigan State University.

Gail began her career as a labor relations professional in 1985 with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in Detroit, Michigan.

She held various positions with the  NLRB as a neutral, including investigator/fact finder, supervisor, and Assistant Regional Director in the Chicago Regional Office.

Ms. Moran has wide experience in the private sector in various industries and with issues such as discrimination (discipline and discharge), contract interpretation and application. She has significant experience in negotiating settlements of complex labor relations matters.

She also served as an advocate for both labor and management within the NLRB.  She served as Local President of the National Labor Relations Board Union (NLRBU) representing her colleagues in the Hartford, CT Region; as District Vice President of the NLRBU representing the staff of five different NLRB Regions; and subsequently as the Assistant General Counsel for Labor  and Employee Relations, representing the office of the General Counsel in Washington, DC and its field offices.  In both roles she engaged in day to day labor relations advocacy, including collective bargaining, grievance resolution, and arbitration proceedings.

Gail served for ten years on the board of the Chicago Chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association where she arranged for numerous programs in the law of labor relations.  In 2013 she received the Distinguished Services Award.  Ms. Moran also participated in the joint planning and execution of conferences on labor law with Loyola University (Chicago) and ITT Chicago-Kent College of Law. Ms. Moran is also a member of the National Association of Railroad Referees. She has served as a volunteer in her community on many civic organizations.